Big Ears 09: Hamburger Helper

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I have a feeling I'm pretty alone in this--judging from the crowd he got for his faux historical tour of downtown, and the fact that the schedule's been reshuffled to allow him another set at Pilot Light alter tonight, I'm confident in asserting so--but I just don't really care for Neil Hamburger. Not much patience for his brand of anti-comedy.

But the start of the tour turned sour. Hamburger noted that Krutch Park was an unpleasant place to start the ramble, as it had been the site of a series of child murders by a group of "hobos" in the 1970s, and the "hobos" themselves had been killed in a rash of vigilante retribution. Considering that there were several homeless or near-homeless people in the park at the time, I found it to be in bad taste. Then again, i can be pretty priggish.

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