BIG EARS 2010: More Line-Up Announcements

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There's one more big round of announcements for Big Ears, including some performers who had already been part of the official schedule released a few weeks ago and also including a number of local performers.

At the top of the list is Shelley Hirsch, an avant-garde singer (she uses what's called "extended vocal techniques) who'll be performing with Chattanooga's Shaking Ray Levis. They'll be on the same program with Tim Hecker and Ben Frost on Sunday afternoon.

Asheville math rock band Ahleuchatistas will play on Saturday and Sunday, and Baltimore's Videohippos are performing with Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez and Knoxville synth-pop duo Damaged Patients. Other Knoxville bands just added to the line-up are Argentinum Astrum, Mountains of Moss, Shortwave Society, and Warband.

The updated schedule is available here.

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