Gun*Slinger Update: Frontman Out of the Band

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That didn't take long. The same day we ran a story about Maryville cock-rockers Gun*Slinger, we also got an e-mail from the band's management informing us that singer Cole Graham, who founded the band in 2008, has been fired--just in time for the band's show at the Longbranch Saloon tomorrow night. Daniel Ott, whose brother Marcus plays lead guitar in the band, has been named as Graham's replacement.


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Parhaps if Mr Graham was not quite so vulgar while performing and running people off with his offensive language perhaps he would still be lead singer. Its not very attractive or impressive to see a lead singer stroke his mic and mic cord as if he were rubbing one out on stage!! Yes many BIG NAME rock legends are and have been vulgar, but lets not forget they were already cashing those big checks and signing autographs on womens chests so they earned that right. Perhaps now this young man will learn to eat soap and clean up his language and stage presence. I think the other members of the band are going to be hard pressed to find a new singer with his vocal talents but lets face it singers are a dime a dozen. Good luck to you guys and keep pressing on. As talented as you are you'll continue to rise about the rough spots!

Hello, I'm the Guitarist for Gun*Slinger. First, please allow me to thank the writers and staff at the Metro Pulse for doing what you do. Also, Rawk Kitten, You hit the nail on the head, while a very talented person, Mr. Graham has a poor attitude, and we grew tired of it. We don't like watching half our crowd walk out due to his actions. So thank you for your support. As for everyone else, we intend to write new originals along the same style we have been. We ARE NOT conforming, we ARE going to provide our fans with great shows and fun times. We're just going to do it in a more respectable manner. Our new singer will surprise you, he has a voice like you wouldn't believe. We have good things to come, and hope you all want to be a part of. THANK YOU ALL!!

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