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TN Politicians' Health Care Ire

So this morning my inbox is brimming with statements from Republican politicians from here to Nashville on their vehement opposition for the health care legislation passed yesterday evening.

Included were statements from Sens. Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander, U.S. Rep. John Duncan, Jr., the TN State GOP, and Mayor Bill Haslam. The statements are boiler plate you've no doubt already heard so no need to post them here (except for Haslam's, which you'll find below), but rest assured you could play a pretty awful game of mad libs with the phrases "historic mistake," "government expansion,""unfunded mandate," "increased taxes," and "rising costs."

Don't expect these catch phrases to die anytime soon -- key GOP leaders have said they plan to make this issue the centerpiece of their campaigns this fall. And you thought the health care debate and all its insidious implications were over!

For the record, Tenn. House Dems. Bart Gordon, Jim Cooper, and Steve Cohen, none of whom represent East Tennessee, voted for the measure. Every Republican and 34 Democrats, including former Vol Heath Shuler, who represents Western North Carolina as a Blue Dog, voted against the bill.

On a side note, has Haslam been following anyone else around the internet?

Picture 2.png

I feel like he's saying, "What are you doin' here, bud? You could be out knockin' on doors, supportin' me...besides, you don't wanna read this liberal rag...go get yourself some knoxnews, you know that's where it's at."

Or something. Anyway, here are Haslam's actual comments on the legislation, which I included because these talking points always feel particularly forced coming from him:

The legislation that passed the House today is an intolerable expansion of federal power and a reminder of the incredible arrogance of Washington. The Obama Administration and Congress chose to defy the majority of Americans and the governors of most states, including our own.
Not only has the Administration in Washington expanded federal government control into yet another area where we would prefer to trust individual decisions and free markets, this legislation usurps our 10th Amendment right to have a state government that reflects our own priorities.
Today the federal government imposed an unbearable unfunded mandate that will explode costs in an area our state has worked hard to control. We can't tolerate Washington making us pay for their bad ideas, and if elected governor, I will pursue every means necessary to protect our state's interests."

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  • March 22, 2010
  • 2:10 PM
MichelesLaw writes:

And I, among many will stand with you Mr. Haslam to overturn this decision and fight for what is right for the people. Interesting thing this morning in Wall Street Journal...32 Million people family accounts for 3 of them. We work hard, we pay for the medical treatment that we need, but that is minimized by not smoking, not drinking, eating a balanced diet and exercising..hmmm. What a concept! Additionally, I was perfectly fine with the idea that if something catastrophic happens to me or a loved one I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. If it means losing all the material things in life--who cares? That's what the whole thing is about. There is always someone out there who has aided in bad situations...the government wasn't involved in those good people who helped and continue to help. I can always replace "stuff". No one has ever been turned away for care. 32 million people divided by $940,000,000,000 = $29375 per person. You gotta be kidding me?

  • March 23, 2010
  • 9:38 AM
waterdog writes:

I'm truly grateful that Reps. Jim Cooper, Bart Gordon, and Steve Cohen ~ none of whom represent East TN ~ voted for the health care bill. This is a vote for America to move into the 21st century and create a health care system that strives to work for all of us. Their votes are an act for moving toward guaranteed coverage for Tennessee's one million uninsured, hundreds of thousands of under-insured, and small businesses. We need affordable coverage we can count on. We need leaders who are willing to make the tough choices to move us forward. Reps. Cooper, Gordon, and Cohen are such leaders.

  • March 24, 2010
  • 11:22 AM
Henry Massingale writes:

3/23/2010: When I first started to build this web site to help President Obama I had no idea it would become the largest site in the United States. In order for you to understand, I like President Obama , and I will jump into any blog that speaks bad of him in a moral issue," This will not be tolerated by me." I even helped get him into office, But FASC Concepts is to reach out to President Obama and have him stand with the people and to be as one with us again. To remove this force pay and merge the views of 250 million people within this Bill to law. To build the most powerful Health Care Health Reform Stimulus Package ever thought of by me. But I have protested this Bill because of its lacks of moral value, against the People. Is There A Constitutional Infringement of a Moral Value for Health Care vs. The People
Part 1: 3/22/2010: { recapped for short input}
I had to wait for this Bill to be passed in order to show the Republican Party, GOP and FRC Action that it is the voice of the people that guides the destiny of this Country. I guess you could say I needed them to get out of the way so that the last Comic Standing will be FASC Concepts and we do not need the peoples money to assist the needs of the Peoples Rights.
As predicted , the first stages of the Health Care Bill was passed. Why, you ask ? It is because people wish to be seen for their in put of a view and not unite. What is lost is respect with in a concept of { Freedom Of Choice } to be a part of this system or not, with in this Health Care Force Pay Matrix.
What is offered by FASC Concepts is the Freedom Of Choice to President Obama, because we feel it is unconstitutional to force pay into the failures of Health Care Insurance Companies and then Tax that money. Even the insurance compainies plan to file suit. As you can see our elected officials are paying little attention to the public. As I reach out to my computer and I knock , knock, knock on the screen, and I say is there any body out there?
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