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Why Romney Lost (According to Local Conservatives)

Ah, post-election schadenfreude. It's been about 63 hours since the election was called for President Barack Obama on Tuesday night, and the right is still reeling. Despite all the good news for conservatives in Tennessee -- hello, legislative GOP super-majority! -- people are sad in these parts. (Sad, and racist, according to this tweet-map.)

We kind of feel a little lost without the election to obsess over, as we've been doing for the past umpteen months -- although we aren't desperate enough to start talking about 2016 yet. (Frankly, we feel the same way about pundits bringing up 2016 now as we do about the city kicking off its Christmas events before Halloween. It's just wrong. Horribly wrong.) So instead we've been perusing all the post-election coverage we can stand (which, as it turns out, is rather a lot). And here is what we have learned:

First, the Republican National Committee put Mitt Romney out there and did not insist that he campaign with talk radio. He did not participate in interviews with talk radio hosts. ...

Clearly, the Republican Party nationally is broken. (I will have a separate post on the TN GOP later) It must be taken down and built back with tea party, minorities and all of America. Time is critical, the Time Is Now.

Ah, yes. If only Romney had spent more time on Rush Limbaugh's show, more people would have voted for him. 

Well we didn't win them all but I was close in most of my predictions. Republicans picked up some seats in both the house and senate.  We retained all our congressional seats and Romney won Tennessee big. Chris Christy? Your dead to me. NJ might have won but the rest of the nation lost.  I was a fan but you were the momentum killer. If it weren't for him I think Mitt would have won. Obama is going to really have to step up. The shuck and jive song and dance will  only continue to cripple our nation and the issues are too big.

Yep. It was "not even going to be close" until that governor of that state that was totally going to go blue anyway spent all that time talking Springsteen with POTUS. Totally. And it totally had nothing to do with racist comments like "shuck and jive" either. Totally.

I keep hearing demographic deepthink about population shifts and how if Romney had gotten as many Latinos as George W. Bush he'd have won. Maybe so. But if Romney had gotten as many Republicans as John McCain he'd have won, too. I kept going on and on about the importance of showing up, and that seems to have been what mattered. Why didn't people show up? Good question. Was it undercover anti-Mormonism? Or was it simply that Romney -- who campaigned for independents and deliberately distanced himself from the Tea Party -- didn't pay enough attention to the base? Maybe the numbers will answer this, but obviously the Obama people thought this was a base-turnout election and Romney's people didn't. Obama's people were right. ...

Related: Evangelicals turned out for Romney: "Evangelicals turned out in record numbers and voted as heavily for Mitt Romney yesterday as they did for George W. Bush in 2004. That is an astonishing outcome that few would have predicted even a few months ago. But Romney underperformed with younger voters and minorities and that in the end made the difference for Obama."

The base of the Republican party isn't evangelical Christians? You sure could have fooled us.

But keep theorizing, guys. After all, you've got four more years with nothing else to do.

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