[TVA Board Meeting] Former RNC Head to Take Over As Chair

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Oddly, the most emotionally charged portion of today's board meeting (for the members, at least) concerned internal politics, not that other thing. TVA Board Chair Bill Sansom's term is up in May, so pursuant to the board's bylaws, they had to elect a new one today to take over. 

Mike Duncan, who was head of the Republican National Committee until two weeks ago, was nominated, which caused a problem among members who didn't want a political "lightning rod" to lead up the board, especially with a Democrat in the White House and a Democratic majority in Congress. Still, though, they voted him in, with three members, Dennis Bottorf, Bill Sansom, and Bishop William Graves (who was teleconferenced in from California) dissenting. 

"I have no intention of moving this board back to where it was," a politicized body, Duncan said. "I pledge to work with Congress and the new administration."

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