[TVA Board Meeting] Statement from Chris Irwin

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The following highlights are from the "public listening session" following the formal board meeting. (Note: Matt Landon, of United Mountain Defense, and Amy Broyles, of Knox County Commission, were scheduled to speak but were not there when called. I would have liked to have heard from both of them.)

Chris Irwin, Staff Attorney, United Mountain Defense, began by criticizing the meeting itself. 

"If you all are serious about increasing public participation in these meetings, consider having weekend meetings. A lot of people work for a living. The only reason I could be here is I work over at the courthouse. It means taking a day off work."

Then he moved on to meatier stuff. Earlier in the meeting, TVA CFO Kim Greene discussed renewable energy sources, saying they were "more expensive" than traditional sources. Irwin took issue with that. 

"Well, looking at the coal spill as well as the destruction of the highland watersheds
for the coal that you all are consuming, specifically in Campbell, Scott, and Claiborne Counties, in terms of the long-term costs, renewables are a lot cheaper," he said. "There's no such thing as clean coal. I think that's become very clear."

"But, nuclear doesn't seem like the option, like the alternative," Irwin said. "The fact that you all had trouble engineering and keeping a mud dam operational does not instill a lot of faith in the public that you'd be able to handle an unforgiving technology like nuclear. 

Irwin also attacked the ARAP (Aquatic Resource Alteration Permit) application that the utility filed with TDEC. The permit application details TVA's river dredging plans, calling the ash removal calculations inadequate. Go here for details. 

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