new excited unnormal flask item

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In a continuation of our last entry on e-mails from foreign lands, I give you this: the Surf Flask. This product of the YONGKANG JINJIAYI METALWORK&PLASTIC FACTORY (located in New Developing Industry Area, YongKang City, ZheJiang Province, China) popped into the MP inbox this morning with the promising subject line of "new excited unnormal flask item." I am a big fan of unnormal items, so you can imagine my excitement upon seeing the actual product itself:

surf flask[1].jpg
I would most certainly buy it if I saw it on the shelves at Target. Read a full description of this joyful flask after the jump.
we are excited to send this email to you for promoting our newest mirror finish  surf vacuum flask , this flask not only has magic attractive nice design ,but also made by best quality material ,highest grade teconology , It was  original developed for korea market and you can find its retail price which in the korea legou supermarket is about 43.8 usd /pcs ,now we promote it to all worldwide
we have three capacity , details as follow :

product size is

300ml  72.5×190 mm
350 ml 72.5×212 mm
500 ml 72.5×260 mm

24 pcs in a carton

carton size :

300 ml  46×29.5×21 cm
350 ml  46×29.5×23.2 cm
500 ml  46×29.5×28 cm

nw /gw :

300 ml : 7/8 kgs
350 ml : 8/9 kgs
500 ml : 10/11 kgs

our factory promotional nice price as follow :
300 ML  fobningbo 4.85  usd /pcs

350 ML  fobningbo 5.15 usd /pcs
500 ML  fobningbo 5.58 usd /pcs

we also can print small logo on some location , if you are interested in placing order with us , please contact us

Best Regards.


market department
New Developing Industry Area, YongKang City ,ZheJiang Province ,China 

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For optimal carry have in pocket, best flask design smashed flat on one oblong side. Cylinder product design of flask make unsightly bulge for sneaking liquors into Stadium of Inscrutable Foot-ball General. Even person who takes no drink knows this.

Perhaps better name for point of selling, designer bottle of sport or others.

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