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Today we have short, simple, and mystifying e-mail. What did Tim see on our website, exactly, that made him think, "At last! I have found the right company that can supply my clients with exotic dancer clothing and lingerie. I must contact them immediately!" 

Or, if Tim has some sort of elaborate con planned here, how did he expect to make money off of our non-existent lingerie supplies? Spam can be so puzzling.

I represent a large network of clients, some of whom are searching online for exotic dancer clothing and lingerie.  My job is to find a reputable company to direct these people to. Based on what I see on your site, I'd like to talk with you.
Please have the owner contact me at their earliest convenience if you can help us. If not, can you please refer me to reputable company who you might recommend? I can be reached at (574) xxx-xxxx all day today.

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Maybe Tim just wants you to feature him on your blog?

Also, I bet metro's blogs would get more comments if the process of making an account wasn't so damned tedious.

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