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As a free weekly paper in a small southeastern city, Metro Pulse wields an uncommon amount of power over the hearts and minds of Knoxville's citizens. 

Or, at least that's what the world's PR people seem to think based on the mind-boggling amount of promotional crap they send our way. We get it all, from every corner of the Earth: press releases, manifestos, "free articles," alcoholic bribes, press kits, and in-office visits from milk maids. (Yes, the Blue Bell ice cream company sent a live milk maid to our office bearing cartons of free ice cream. She was not harmed. But it raised the question: Who makes milk-maid costumes these days, and why?)

Amid this constant stream of propaganda that we shield you from, there are certain items that float to the top. And this is what we'd like to share with you here at Weird Things People Send Us: the most bizarre things that come across our desks. Just so you know what we're dealing with.

To inaugurate this blog, we have this:

mythical-maidens.jpgThat's right: It's a postcard advertising a company that specializes in photos and DVDs of Amazon women riding horses. No, it's not pornographic, it's just plenty weird. Some of them have swords. 

Out of all the publications in the world, why did they pick us? We've not requested a review copy. Yet.

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The next time ice cream-laden milk maids show up over there, you better call me.

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