Dying Artform: The Zany Press Kit

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Long ago in the pre-Internet Age of Mail, publicity agencies would send bizarre objects to the editorial offices of publications in hopes of catching the attention of gullible editors. Most of them were completely useless and would be immediately dropped into the wastebasket (until one of them actually sent us a wastebasket, which I've kept to this day -- who doesn't need a wastebasket?). With the dominance of e-mail (and the decline of marketing budgets), this practice has all but died out. 

But then this came in the mail!

See what's inside after the jump!

Opening the box, we see... a used tube of toothpaste! And a sawed-off toothbrush? What's going on here?!

Let's investigate further...

What's this all about? Dental insurance? A national health plan? What??!

Ohhh.... huh?

Teeth-cleaning products for dogs!!!

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